Autumn is a modular typeface created by arranging SVG elements with HTML, CSS, and Javascript programming and then turned into an interactive experience inspired by the activity of moving fall leaves around to create patterns and shapes—or in this case, letters.
Each letter is created from a combination of two different types of triangles, organized in a way that mimics the style of thick brush stroke calligraphy (in a very geometric way, of course). 
The idea for interacting with the typeface came from a class exercise where I was tasked with creating 50 single interactions [all which can be accessed here], wherein one of the interactions (named 'autumn') would place a warm-colored triangle randomly on the page to simulate the process of falling leaves. The next step was to give the user the ability to move those leaves around to create an experience that, despite its simple functionality, offered the user a good deal of freedom to express themselves creatively.

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